Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Breaking News!

Hello all,

As many of you already know, in July I accepted a position as Editor of the Pennant, the journal of The Pen Collectors of America.  The PCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of pen history, and there's been many times here at the blog that I've referred to documents that are kept in the PCA's online reference library and available for free to its members. 

I'm pleased to report that the first issue of the Pennant under my stewardship is going to press shortly.  An electronic copy of this issue will be uploaded to the PCA Pennant Archive in the next couple of days - I'll let you know when.  The printed version will be available... as soon as the printer gets it printed - hopefully next week. 

The printed copy will have an 8X10 picture of the "family portrait" of pen community folk we took at the 2014 DC show. 

Current members of the PCA will be able to read the electronic copy as soon as it is uploaded.  Kim Sosin will be delivering the mailing list for the hard copies to the printer early next week, so if you aren't a member of the PCA yet and want to receive the magazine, you'll need to join by this weekend at the latest.

Membership within the US is $40 per year.  You can join and pay online via Paypal at the PCA's website, http://pencollectorsofamerica.com.

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