Sunday, October 26, 2014

Speaking of Autopoint . . .

When one of these oversized Autopoints comes along, the prices they usually command are high enough that it’s one of the more serious Autopoint guys (such as my father) who beats me to them. This time, at the DC show, none of the Autopoint guys were in sight when this one came my way:

This one has green gold trim and dates to around 1927 or so. It’s hard enough to find one of these in condition as nice as this – harder still to find one in the box:

The Autopoint specialists in the peanut gallery may say "pshaw" to my attraction to this, but it’s the first time I’ve run across one of these in an original Autopoint box. Since the slot in the box is sized for an oversized model, and 1927 was around the time oversized models first appeared, tI do think the box is original to the pencil. However, note that underline under the Autopoint name:

Jim Stauffer wrote a nice article on the history of Autopoint Company trademarks a few years ago, which he posted at  In the article, he notes that there isn’t a record of this trademark being filed with the USPTO, and after poking around a bit I couldn’t find it filed. Jim found it being used as early as 1920; I found an advertisement in the May, 21, 1921 issue of "Boot and Shoe Recorder;" on page 20, Autopoint pencils were used as promotional giveaways by The Scholl Manufacturing Company (apparently the predecessor to Dr. Scholl’s):

On January 20, 1927, the company filed a trademark for a new logo, without the underline, claiming a date of first use in November, 1926:

However, the new logo was phased in gradually, and as Jim notes the company continued to use up old stock until it was exhausted. Here’s a picture of a 1927 letter Jim posted in his article:

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