Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Observations On The Skyline Standard II

I’m sure I don’t know everything there is to know about the Eversharp Skyline Standard II. These are the Skylines with the striped upper barrels and the wide center bands. They come with color matched derbies:

And also with gold-filled derbies:

These appear on page 72 of The Catalogue, and admittedly it’s the least organized display of Skylines in the book. The reason is that the Standard Type II pencils don’t come around nearly as often as most of the other lines, so I didn’t have enough to understand the full range of the colors that are available. All I knew at the time was that the colors deviated somewhat from the colors on the Standard Type I.

I don’t know much more. But I did figure something out recently -- when I sorted them by lower barrel color, a pattern emerged:

The maroon and blue ones I had have plastic derbies, while the black, brown and green ones have gold-filled derbies. But then I found a maroon and a navy blue one with gold filled derbies, which blew that theory but gave me another one:

The colors on the upper barrels are reversed! I’m going to keeping my eye on these in the future, to see if the pattern holds true. Why is this important? Because unlike the pens, which have caps that can be mixed and matched and have derbies that can be simply unscrewed and replaced, the pencil barrels were built as a single unit and weren’t designed to be repaired or replaced. Even Eversharp service manuals said that the remedy for a damaged barrel was to replace the entire unit.

That means, based on what I know right now, if you’ve got a Skyline Standard Type II with a navy barrel, red striped cap and a gold filled derby, for instance . . .

I’d say you’ve either got the wrong derby or the whole cap belongs on a red pen!

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