Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Wooden Eversharp??

When Joe called me to tell me he’d found a wooden Eversharp, I was really excited.

When he told me that he found two of them and I could have the other, I danced shamelessly about the room!

But then, as we was describing it to me, it didn’t sound much like an Eversharp. Sure, the name was proudly written on the side of the barrel, but the mechanism just didn’t sound like anything Charles Keeran cooked up. It did, however, sound like something else that I happened to find at right around the same time, and I’ve found a couple other examples since. That’ the way it seems to go with these things – I’ve never heard of one, then five of them turn up all at once, then nuthin’.

Joe brought both of his examples with him when he came to the Ohio Show, and during our photo shoot after the show, we got his and mine together for a group shot:

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