Sunday, February 10, 2013

Messner's Got Me Beat by a Longshot

I was pretty pleased when I found this on Terry Sell’s table at the Ohio Show:

It’s one of the Parker "depression" series, I believe called the "Premiere" due to its larger size and colored top piece:

These come in about a million colors, it seems. But this was the first time I’d found one in mottled red and black:

But in the weird Parker colors department, Matt Messner’s got me beat – in fact, he’s probably got all of us beat. He had this one on his table – yes, it was part of a set, no, the set wasn’t for sale, but yes, he let me borrow it and try to take some good pictures of it at the show:

This streamline Duofold is in solid tan with blue marbling and white veins.

Nice find, Matt!

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