Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Couple Keene Bits of New Information

At the Philadelphia Show, Leonard Finkel had this fantastic Keene pencil on his table:

I just had to have it, because I just knew how nice it would look next to the one I had at home:

The only difference between the two is the slightly different clip placement:

There was just one problem: the pencil came with some extra "baggage." I negotiated mightily, but in the end it made sense to just bring the pencil home along with the ball-and-chain:

It really wasn’t that hard of a sell. For what I was willing to pay for the pencil, the whole set was just a little bit more. Besides, that price tag gave me a bit of information I didn’t know before:

Keene, the New York jeweler who had Eclipse make pens with his name on his clip, even went so far as to give his set a name that was clearly a takeoff on Parker’s "Big Red": now I can refer to these pencils by their proper name: "Big Bill" pencils.

I can also clarify something else that I didn’t know the last time I blogged about the Keene. Back on March 9, 2012, I proudly displayed a metal Keene pencil that, unfortunately, was missing its clip. Since then I have found a few that still had the clip, so I can now show you what they are supposed to look like:

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