Monday, January 28, 2013

More than just "reddish brown"

Stephen Nagy is a character who, like me, lives around central Ohio. The only show he does that I know of is the Ohio Show, and he’s always got interesting stuff on his table. This year, he had this somewhat tired-looking box of goodies:

The box is well used and has the word "Russet" written inside the lid. One slot was empty, but each of the others was filled with writing instruments and accessories which are all clearly made by the Eagle Pencil Company, although some are unmarked. There’s an enamel-over-brass drop knife, together with a harder to find red Eagle Spear, the latter of which is complete with the early Spears’ 1908 patent date:

There’s an eyedropper pen, also in red enamel over brass but with a red hard rubber feed, and another enameled dip pen and pencil combination. Rounding out this set was a glass eyedropper for filling the pen and a small tin of spare Eagle dip pen nibs. The red capped tin is a box of Eversharp leads that don’t fit anything in the group, but hey, that bonus is better than a sharp stick in the eye:

So what would have filled that empty slot? I knew exactly what went there, and that’s why the minute I laid eyes on this set I knew I had to have it, chipped enamel and all. It was my chance to salvage a goof I made years ago.
Back when I was pretty new at this, I bid on this thing at an online auction because I thought it was a pencil with a cap:

To my credit, that’s how the online seller advertised it. But of course, this isn’t a pencil at all. It’s a stylographic pen made by Eagle – still pretty neat, but not exactly what this pencil hound was scrounging around for at the time. But did you notice the name?

The "Russet" No. 27. Now, several years later and with the help of Stephen Nagy, I finally can say:

Yeah. I meant to do that.

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Leigh said...

I love it when a plan comes together. It's a gorgeous set!