Thursday, January 24, 2013

Good Thing There Were Two Of These

Neither Joe Nemecek nor I know everything about pencils. In fact, even with our pencil knowledge combined, we don’t know everything. However, I will say that when neither Mike Little, Joe nor I have ever seen something . . .well, I guess that says something.

Mike brought two of these with him to Ohio, and both of them found their way into my pile during the swap-a-thon:

This would have been an easy one to miss, but that joint in the barrel told me what I might find on closer examination:

An Autopoint, with a clip Mike hadn’t seen before and neither had I. It looks a lot like the straight Autopoint clips, but this one takes a ninety degree bend over the top of the pencil:

It’s an interesting enough design that I thought there might be a design patent out there so, with George Kovalenko’s book in hand, I hit up the patent databases and found it in a matter of minutes:

Design patent number 131,281 was applied for by Hans A. Bauer on July 31, 1941. The application was still pending at the Patent and Trademark Office when the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor and America entered the Second World War; it was granted on February 3, 1942, just two months later. I think the unfortuante timing of its introduction explains its rarity.

Mike actually had two of these, and I added both of them to my pile, suspecting the Joe Nemecek might want the other one. I even knew which one he would probably want, because one was unmarked and the other was personalized – something that Joe detests.

I might have agreed with Joe, were it not for the remainder of the inscription on the one I kept:

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