Saturday, January 26, 2013

Elppir Is Ripple Spelled Backwards

Rob Morrison dropped by my table at the Ohio Show with a few Watermans to show off:

These are the first generation of Waterman pencil in what the company called it’s "Ripple" pattern. What Rob wanted me to see is that sometimes the ripples "rip" in one direction, and sometimes they go the other way:

Rob also had the matching fountain pen to the pencil with the gold band at the top, and on this one, the currents are even more confusing:

Until you remember that when the cap is posted at the top of the pen, the ripples will run in the same direction. But even then, the ripples on the pen are the opposite of what is found on the "matching" pencil.

When I compared these pictures to what I had at home, I don’t see any rhyme or reason to why the rubber ripples up or ripples down. I did notice that all of the later ones (marked "Ripple")run in the same direction:

But then again, that’s just among the small number of them in my collection. Others in my collection run either way.  Was there any rhyme or reason to which way the ripples rippled?  None that I can tell.

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