Saturday, January 19, 2013

Joe and I are on top of these

Joe Nemecek scooped me at the Ohio Show with this find:

This is another example of the Riedell, the odd repeater that works by twisting the nose cone first one way, then back the other way to advance the lead. But there are two things that are unusual about this one:

It’s a ringtop, and the top cap is color matched to the rest of the pencil. When Joe stopped by my house on his way home from the show, we shot some better pictures of the top band under more controlled lighting conditions to get the imprint:

And then, for fun, we shot his together with all the other examples I’d been able to find:

But no sooner had Joe left, when I was getting ready to write the article about the only Riedell I’d seen with a color matched top, than this one popped up on my radar in an online auction, and I called dibs:

It isn’t a ringtop, but this one’s got the color matched top!

OK Joe, you’ve got to bring that jade one back for another family picture!

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