Saturday, March 14, 2015

Two Things To Notice

This one slipped under the radar in an online auction a few weeks back.

The opening bid was hefty, so I don’t feel too guilty about the price I paid, but still – had the seller advertised it as an Eversharp pencil in the rare "flamingo" red, I never would have gotten it for that price. The reason I was interested in this one, even though I had one, was that I could tell from the proportionate size of the clip that this one would "size up" nicely with the other example I have:

Back on February 1, I posted an article about these Eversharp "purse pencils" and "clasp models," at The clasp models, which have twin bands such as these, were cataloged in "manly colors" like black, jade, black and pearl, brazilian green (green and bronze) and flamingo (ok, maybe the name isn’t so manly, but the color is relatively speaking). Ladies’ "purse pencils" were cataloged in all of these colors, but they were also listed in more obviously feminine pastel colors. All of the pastel colors have a single deco-style band rather than the double band:

Note in this picture that there’s large and small versions with double bands. I posed the question in that earlier article whether the smaller size with double bands were actually "purse pencils" or whether the size difference was eliminated from the line after the catalog was printed.

Until I picked up this flamingo, I had not run across the same colored pencil in this series in two sizes. If a small "manly colored" pencil turns up with a single deco band I might change my mind, but I’m inclined to believe at this point that the shorter flamingo pencil is a "purse pencil" and the larger is a "clasp model.

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Martha said...

Sweet! I will be keeping my eyes open for these. The clip is a bit like the Sheaffer Tuckaway clip, but with decoration--cool!