Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ringing a Couple More Bells

A while back I posted an article titled “This One Rings a Bell Now,” ( which I attributed a pencil marked only with “Bell System” to Rite-Rite based on the unusual hexagonal plungers found on both:

John Coleman was quick to respond with this pair of Bell System pencils, one of which is unmarked with a phone dialer, and the other of which sports a Rite-Rite ferrule:

That, I thought, was a significant step towards nailing that down . . . if only it weren’t all too easy to stick any ferrule of the correct diameter on the end of a pencil.  But the clincher has arrived, by way of an online auction:

There’s no doubt about it when the clip is bolted to the side of the barrel . . .

. . . the pencil has a Bell System imprint . . .

. . . and inside is exactly what you would expect to see!

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