Sunday, February 5, 2012

Even When All Else Isn't Failing, Read the Directions

As a rule, I don't normally chase down Autopoints, since my dad also collects them.  But this time, I couldn't resist placing a healthy bid on ebay, and much to my surprise (my dad is not the only avid Autopoint hunter out there in cyberland) my bid was enough to carry the day:

The pencil itself is impressive.  If the trim looks like it has a bit of a greenish hue to it, you are correct:

This is an Autopoint "De Luxe" model, and the trim is "green gold filled"  (according to David Nishimura, green gold is an alloy of gold and silver).    Since this is the full sized model and has a side clip, we know from Autopoint's 1927 catalog that this is model number 18.

Listed among the available colors in 1927 was "sapphire," and that appears to be a good description for the color.  While it isn't so easy to see in the above shot, the depth of the blue color is visible in this picture, just below the top of the clip:

The inscription doesn't hurt my feelings either, as a proud Ohioan!  Another great feature about this pencil is the instructions, which are actually printed in the floor of the box:

And here's the other end of the box:

I've always fed the lead into my Autopoints through the tip rather than as these instructions indicate.   After I got this, I tried it their way, and they are right  -- that was a lot easier!

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David Nishimura said...

Actually, green gold is just gold and silver -- leaving the copper out is what gives it that color.