Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Other Happy Madison

No, there will be no aging comedians from Saturday Night Live here.  Readers of The Catalogue will recall the Madison from page 98:

My example of the Madison is a very attractive pencil with one little problem - the top is missing.  Sure, I've got loads of parts and could have put something on there over the years to make it look better, but I wasn't sure what shape it was or what material it would have been made from.  I'm a firm believer in restoring things to their original state, so when I don't know for sure what a piece is supposed to look like, I won't do anything until I do.  In this case, it's been several years in the making. 

My big break came just a couple weeks ago when a fuzzy picture on ebay led me to a complete example of the Madison:

This new example is as mint as a lower tier pencil can get, and now I know that I'm looking for a straight cap in matching color with a metal band at the base.  Hmmm... that color... that greyish hue in the pearl areas... reminds me a bit of Wearever?  Wait a minute, I think I've got one of those:

OK, the Wearever in lapis blue is just too close to be a coincidence.  Here's the Wearever disassembled, at left, compared to the Madison, at right (or is it the other way around?):

So I've switched the tops, and my lapis Madison is finally complete and looking much happier:

I am a little disappointed to discover that the Madison is an early Wearever subbrand, since the quality of these pieces is a cut above what I normally think of when I think Wearever, but it's something I didn't know a few weeks ago and I'm always glad to add a bit of knowledge upstairs.

As for my Wearever, it looks just great, too:

No, really... it looks fine... you can hardly even tell....

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