Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Volume 2 and Beyond

A funny thing happened on the way back to the blog . . .

It's hard to believe it has been five months since my last post.  For those I don't see at pen shows and who aren't on facebook, you might be thinking I croaked.  In fact, I've been hard at work on yet another project.

When I last wrote, The Leadhead's Pencil Blog had just been released, but I had already made the decision to format a second volume and have it ready, just in case there proved to be demand for the books.  I priced it as low as I could, so that when that first run of copies sells out, I've broken even -- I figured if/when I broke even on the first one, I'd do the second.  After the first run of Volume One sold out in less than a month, I pulled the trigger and had Volume 2 ready at the DC Show.

The first run of Volume 2 sold out in a week.

You know where this is going . . . as I write this, Volume 3 has been out for a week - and the first run is almost gone, so the entire 5-volume series is a go.  (If you've missed out, there's ordering information for copies of all three volumes at the end of this article - I've since reordered additional copies to keep in stock.)

Volume 4 -- the real monster in the series, in terms of complexity, depth and size -- will be out in a few months.  It's planned for Chicago next May, but what the heck - since Volume 3 came in a month and a half early, maybe I'll have it for Baltimore.  Just a few moments ago, I finished compiling and indexing the last of the article into Volume 5, tentatively planned for release at the 2019 Ohio Show.

The good news is that as things stand, Volume 5 is 304 pages long - exactly as long as Volume 3, but some 70 pages shorter than Volume 4.   That's good news because I'm not happy with the way Volume 5 ends: since I wasn't planning to stop when I did, I had a few killer articles in the hopper that had not made it to the blog yet.

So I've got room in the book for a few socks-knocker-offers - things I've found and learned that will give the book an ending that's more memorable than how I left it.  I've got a short list of about 20 articles that are "musts" in closing out this last Volume, but if there's questions I've left unanswered or if there's something you'd really like to see, drop me a line -

In the meantime, I'm going to organize my thoughts and get behind the camera.

(NOTE:  To order copies of the first three volumes:

Volume 1:  Leadhead's Pencil Blog Volume One
Volume 2:  Leadhead's Pencil Blog Volume Two
Volume 3:  Leadhead's Pencil Blog Volume Three

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