Monday, July 17, 2017

The DeWitt-LaFrance Freak

Yes, I’m rabid for all things DeWitt-LaFrance.  That’s the only reason I caught this one:

The online auction included some two dozen pencils all in one go, most of which went straight into the junk box.  What caught my attention was that I had searched for auctions containing the word “Superite,” DeWitt-LaFrance’s flagship brand, and this was the only thing that even remotely resembled anything DeWitt-LaFrance might have made.

And it resembled a Superite only very remotely, with that straight top.  I made sure the seller accepted returns before I bid, just in case nothing in the photos was actually marked Superite.  Imagine my glee . . .

“Superite Desk / Pat. Pend.”  I’ve never heard of one, I’ve never seen one catalogued, and I’m always tickled to find something I didn’t know existed.

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