Thursday, July 20, 2017

Autopoints and Auto . . . openers?

I had one of those ridiculous moments at the Chicago Pen Show this year, when I was sitting in a ballroom filled with enough writing instruments to satisfy my every whim . . . when a notification came through on my phone, and I was instinctively sucked into checking out what was going on on eBay.  There, in the middle of the show, I placed an order from an online seller for this one:

Nice color, sharp looking yellow trim bands . . . and a goofy taper flattened out to work as an envelope opener, I suppose.  On the barrel there’s a nice, crisp Autopoint imprint in addition to the advertising for Klempner Brothers:

The pencil is built around the clipless version of a line of early 1930s Autopoints I wrote about some time ago, at   In fact, the same color configuration appears on one of the pencils pictured in that article:

This new addition makes for a nice pair alongside the Autopoint desk pencil I’ve also written about, at

I bemoaned in that last article the absence of any Autopoint catalog references I knew about which documented the existence of a desk pencil, but the fact that both of these are clipless is as clear an indication as I need that these two are the real deal, and not just something pieced together.  Besides, I haven’t seen an envelope taper quite like this one anywhere else:

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