Saturday, November 19, 2016

Three More Interesting Dur-O-Lites

I’ve collected Dur-O-Lites in much the same way I started collecting Sheaffer pencils: when I get a mess of pencils, all the Dur-O-Lites go into the Dur-O-Lite pile for the day when I get around to organizing them.

I’m just now getting around to organizing them.  Here’s a couple neat ones I’ve been meaning to write about:

The top one is interesting because, in addition to that wild color, it’s in a size I haven’t seen before.  It’s the length of a regular Dur-O-Lite ringtop, but with a side clip:

And that blue one?  It’s a utility pencil, with an exposed eraser and that Wahl-style clip.  What sets it apart, like that first one, is the size.  Here it is, compared with what I’d expect to see:

It’s a slim version of the utility pencil, with a specially-sized clip to boot.

This third one is one you’ve seen here before, but the one you saw wasn’t in my collection.  I’ll admit to a bit of Dur-O-Lite envy when John Coleman sent me pictures of the one he had like this one (the article was posted two years ago at

It came along with a few hundred pencils in a collection I purchased at the DC show – one of the ones at the bottom of the bins that I didn’t know was in there before I bought the whole bunch.  It was a pleasant surprise to see an Otis Elevator perpetual calendar advertising pencil I didn’t know was there pop out:

I don’t have any new revelations for you on this one - just thought I’d take the opportunity to post a couple neat pictures of this one while I was on the subject.

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