Saturday, September 20, 2014

Joe's Outstanding Eagle

When Joe Nemecek and I compare notes, I’ll send him a photo of the particular pencil I’ve got a question about. Since Joe’s got his pencils photographed in slotter boxes (his pictures are over at "Joe’s Pencil Pages,", when he replies to me the picture he sends to me will include the pencil he wants me to see, along with a few others.

Often, as was the case with the pencil I’m showing you today, there will be something else in the tray of pencils Joe is showing me that gets my attention. Once in a great while, as was the case with the pencil I’m showing you today, I’ll completely forget about whatever pencil we were talking about and the conversation shifts entirely to its neighbor. After appropriate oohs and aahs were exchanged, Joe brought this one with him to Raleigh and I got some shots of it all by its lonesome:

The pencil has what the company called its "vicehold" clip, which was the focus of one of my first articles here at the blog (see

There’s two things that really stood out about this one: that long, tapered top piece doesn’t resemble anything I’d seen before on one of these (normally these Vicehold clips were either mounted on the side of the barrel or set at the top, military-style).

But I’m overlooking the more obvious feature when I talk about the clip: the color. Holy cow! Look at that color!

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