Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Joe Nemecek sent me an email directing me to this one in an online auction and told me that I needed to get one of these, and he promised me that it wouldn’t cost me very much:

By the time I got around to reading his email, the auction had closed, and no one had even made the measly opening bid of $2.99.  I had to agree that the pencil was pretty neat, so I emailed the seller to see if he planned to relist the item.  He did – and I immediately placed a twenty-dollar bid on the thing.

When the auction finally closed a few days later, I was the winner – for my opening bid of $2.99 plus reasonable shipping.  Joe was right: for whatever reason, these don’t seem to attract much attention from collectors.   Why is beyond me, because there’s so much to like here:

This is the American Pencil Co. No. 825.  It doesn’t appear in the American Pencil Co. catalogs I’ve seen, but according to Joe they turn up fairly often.   I don’t know whether that handle is supposed to be a letter opener or whether the whole pencil is supposed to be a knife figural - the pencil being mightier than the sword and all.

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