Saturday, April 13, 2013

They Get Ugly

A while back, Matt McColm asked me if I wanted a couple more All-Rite pencils, one black and the other blue. I do get a kick out of the All-Rites, which were made in Hackensack, New Jersey and put out quite a few campy magazine ads in the middle 1950s (see "They Really Were . . . All Right, That Is" on May 13, 2012). The company was purchased by the Eagle Pencil Company around 1964 or 1965.

At first, I declined, because I have a black and a blue one:

But Matt said his were different – metal cap All-Rites that looked kind of like Parker 51s:

Obviously, that intrigued me just enough. Note that the clips, which looked just a little like an Eversharp Fifth Avenue clip on the plastic cap models, look even more so on these:

And both have black plastic "jewels" on top:

Matt included a note with these. "Don’t look at these too long," he advised. "They get ugly."

I have since averted my eyes.

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