Thursday, April 4, 2013

. . . And The Ones I Left Behind

I didn’t buy everything I liked at Andy Beliveau’s table in Philly that I wanted to, for two reasons. First, I couldn’t afford to. Second, some of them weren’t for sale. This one fit into both categories:

Ordinarily I don’t go for combos, but a Victorian combo in red hard rubber? That’s really over the top, crazy rare!

Sure, nibs can be changed, but in this case I’m pretty sure this is in fact a Faber:

And there were a bunch of others Andy had that couldn’t come home with me:

This one has a great Jules Verne look to it:

An "F" within a Shield denotes that it was made by Leroy Fairchild of New York. This one has a shield divided in two, with an F in the upper section and a J in the lower one:

This denotes that the pencil was made during Leroy Fairchild’s partnership with Ephraim Johnson.

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