Friday, April 5, 2013

Blown All Out of Proportion

Matt McColm directed my attention to this one, and I snatched it up immediately:

It looks pretty ordinary, unless you notice that the clip just looks a little bit out of whack for an Eversharp, like something’s out of proportion here:

In fact, the whole pencil is out of proportion. Here it is, posed in between a standard-sized first generation (1917-24) Eversharp, at top, and a second generation (1924-1930) Eversharp at bottom:

Note how much shorter the top of the clip mounting is, and the clip is flat, like a first generation Eversharp (second generation models had that center rib in the clip to make it less prone to being bent out of shape):

However, this little guy has a longer tip section, characteristc of the second generation Eversharps – in fact, it’s even a little longer than the second generation full-sized model:

Yet internally, the mechanism resembles a first generation Eversharp. This is to be expected, since second-generation ringtops and other shorter models also used the older style mechanism:

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Donald said...

Jon, I have the same pencil, but in a plated finish. Picked it up on eBay sometime in the last year, for about ten bucks. I've never seen another one like it until I read your post.