Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Keen Pair

A few weeks ago I was the successful bidder on a lot which included a pair of Keen-Point pencils.  Keen-Point was a subbrand for Dur-O-Lite, and examples don't come around very often.  These were particularly nice . . .

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DaytonaDuke said...

I have a Keen Point Dur-o-Lite mechanical pencil. I was wondering if it was worth anything? I would be glad to send you pics of it. Also, if it does not have any particular value, I can send it to you since you seem to enjoy pencils.


Jon Veley said...

Thanks for the comment, Erik. I always welcome pictures of pencils - never know what will turn up. I do have a Keen Point Dur-O-Lite OCR pencil in the hopper for a future article, but I'd like to see yours before I write it.