Monday, December 5, 2011

It Was a Little Ritzier at the Booth Next Door

At page 129 of The Catalogue, there's a trio of pencils marked "Ritzie" on the clip, which are identical to pencils made by National Pen Products.  A few weeks ago, Janet and I were on our way back from our weekend getaway at Salt Fork State Park near Cambridge when we stopped in another out-of-the-way antique mall outside of Zanesville. 

This time, as we were on the way home from our antiquapalooza weekend, we stopped just because we thought we should, since it's right on the way.  We were pretty tired, our little Audi was pretty full of stuff, and we were pretty unenthusiastic.  Nevertheless, we valiantly shuffled on through, and my one and only purchase -- last of a long weekend -- added a bit to the Ritzie clan . . .

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