Thursday, October 28, 2021

Volume 7 has arrived!

I'm pleased to report that Volume 7 of The Leadhead's Pencil Blog is now available in print, notwithstanding paper shortages, labor shortages, and sanity shortages.  Out of 100 copies printed, 60 were spoken for on the day they arrived, so with The Ohio Pen Show coming up November 11-13, speak now if you want a copy from the first printing:

This first printing was manufactured by the same folks who printed A Century of Autopoint and The Leadhead's Pencil Blog Volume 6 - they have dropped the "Bookmasters" name since Volume 6 was printed, and now they go by Baker and Taylor Publisher Services. 

I will set up the book for print on demand publishing through Ingram LightningSource, and that is the version you'll see on Amazon, by resellers on eBay and everywhere else.  Those copies will be printed on a matte paper that I don't like as well - the B&T first printing is much sharper.

As with the last volume, Volume 7 has a cumulative index of all articles in the seven-book series:

Besides, copies purchased through me will have a nifty "Order of the Leadhead's" dedication inside the front cover, and your copy will be signed by yours truly:

To view sample pages and order a copy to be shipped to you within the U.S., click here.
If you are attending The Ohio Pen Show and want to pick your copy at the show, click here.

But wait . . . as Billy Mays would say . . . there's more.

I still have a dozen or so copies left of Volume 6, so until they are gone I'm offering a special deal - Volume 6 and 7 for $100.

Volume 6 was a finalist in the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the writing and publishing category, and Volume 7 turned out nicer still - I've entered it in the same competition, and a few others, too.  Fingers crossed!

To order both books, click here.

Thanks to all who have supported this project, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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Jaena said...

Hi, Jon,
I found your blog researching a vintage pencil I found. It's a small, green, mechanical magicolor pencil with a wheel on top to advance the lead. I didn't see anything similar in your recent posts, but I didn't look through the entire blog. :)