Saturday, January 8, 2022

Parker Liquid Lead Pencils

Presidential (not shown, 14k); Signet (1955) or Insignia (1957) in gold fill, Flighter in stainless

51 Custom (gold filled cap), 51 Deluxe (lustraloy cap)

51 Special (black jewel)

21 (convex clip) and 21 Special (concave clip)

41 (top) and 45 (bottom)


61 (side view, showing "rainbow" caps)

According to the 1957 catalog, the shorter pencil is the LL-275 and the longer is LL-295.
The LL-275 was paired with Jotters for the "Pardners" sets.  The LL-295 was called the Liquid Lead Special in 1955.

LL-275 "Pardners" pencils

LL-295 Liquid Lead Special pencils

In 1955, these were referred to as the Liquid Lead DeLuxe

Interesting variants on the DeLuxe:  Top marked "I've got Liquid Lead in my Pencil"; center marked "Demonstrator"; bottom marked "Parker" only on both sides of barrel.

English prototype and American oddball with exposed eraser

Most refills are brass; these two have Parker company imprints.

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