Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Few "Only Names"

“No Names” is a term collectors of pen and pencils use to describe items which lack a recognized, quality manufacturer’s imprint.  Although the term can apply to an example which truly has no name on it, it is just as common to see the term used in connection with one that does have a name – and sometimes an interesting name – just one that isn’t well known.

A lot of times, the reason the names aren’t remembered today is because the pencils they are stamped on aren’t anything special.  I like calling these “Only names” rather than “No names,” since the name is about the only thing going for it.

Take this one, for example:

At the front end it looks kind of like a Dur-O-Lite or Autopoint; at the back it looks like a Welsh.  The clip, which also has a Dur-O-Lite flair to it, has a name I haven’t seen before:

“ALRITE,” with a little circle in between the A and the L.

Along those same lines, but looking more on the Welsh end of the spectrum, is this black flattop:

The clip reads “Rites Best”:

And then there’s this one . . . the “Superior”. . .

Document, document, document is my mantra.  Maybe these “only names” don’t mean anything while I’m writing this, but the day may come monts, years or even decades from now, when someone might stumble across these pictures floating around in cyberspace and some thing else will make sense.

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