Sunday, June 11, 2017

My (Latest) Favorite Weird Eversharp

One of the things I love about collecting Eversharp pencils is the huge variety of uncataloged variants that are still out there – and how easily it is to sail right past one without noticing.  Take this one for example:

I remember that this one was in a lot of three or four things I saw in an online auction, and also that this was not the target of my affection.  However, after a modest winning bid brought the bunch home, after I took a closer look at this one I’ve long since forgotten what it was that I was after.

The closest relative I can find to this one are those thick, stubby Eversharps which came in either a military clip or ringtop.  That’s the only other series from the era which had that oddly placed upper trim band:

Note that the new addition, in addition to being a full-sized model, is slimmer.  However, when I compare it to the closest full-sized versions:

The diameter of the new example falls in between the crown-top models like the top example, which were made from 1924 or so to 1927, and the “Tempoint style” pencils like the lower one, which were introduced in 1927.  This picture also illustrates another difference between these models: the clips.  Note that the top one and the new example have the same clip, but the upper one is set into a gold band press fit onto the barrel, while the new example has one inset into the barrel itself:

Until I found this one, the only other crown-top Eversharps I’ve found with non-metallic barrels and clips like those were made in England:

This one, however, is marked Made in U.S.A.

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Very interesting. Thank you.