Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another Interesting Name

As I continue putting away the no-name pencils that have been lounging around the museum, here’s another one that I find attractive mostly for the name on the clip:

As for the material, several sources online have been referring to these pearlescent or yellowy-pearlescent plastics as “mother of pearl toilet seat.” but I’m not sure we want to open that particular can of worms . . . I googled the term and looked at some of the pictures that turned up, and MOP toilet seats are found not just in his sickly yellow or cream color, but others as well.  

It would be kind of cool to find a toilet seat in Vacumatic plastic or some other distinctive celluloid normally associated with pens – I’d probably have to spring for one  that  for the bathroom adjacent my man cave (where my ever present wife might not notice it for months), even though I doubt anyone would want Vacumatic plastic associated with the ceramic throne..

I’m getting a littlle far afield here.  The reason I sought this one out and paid too much was because I liked the name on the clip: “Spotswood.”

Maybe this refers to an advertising specialties company which had Ritepoint or some other manufacture specially imprint their clips, but there’s no advertising on the pencil – it simply is what it is.  Maybe there was a Spotswood company unrelated to advertsing or writing instruments which had vanity clips made for an order of pencils?  Who knows.

I just liked it.

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