Saturday, December 5, 2015

Such an Eeeeenteresting Bit of Ephemera

Pat Mohan had this to show off at the Ohio Show:

It’s what appears to be a trade card for Sheaffer leads, with an interesting “point” to it:

Yes, I did manage to poke myself twice with the damned thing by the time the show was over.  Why would someone embed a sharp tack in a trade card?  The answer is on the reverse:

Ahhh.   Nice to know how to use it, and nice to know that it was printed in February, 1931, too!  As instructed, I selected a Sheaffer Balance – I chose the red dyed one from “This One is to Dye For” (

I’m remembering my Bugs Bunny: such an eeeenteresting pencil for an eeeenteresting display . .

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