Saturday, July 4, 2015

One Last (?) Addition to the Fold

I’ve got a soft spot for these:

It’s tough to know how to label these – some are marked “Peace” with stars on them and were made in Japan after the close of the Second World War, which is what gave me the idea to post this on July 4.  I posted another example, made in Germany to commemorate the 1936 Olympics.  Other than the ones that are marked Germany, Japan or B&B, there’s no way even to narrow these down to any particular country.

Internally, I’ve filed all of the pictures under “Brown & Bigelow” since I found one marked “B&B Pat. Pend.” – that may not be fair, since the 1936 Olympics predated the Brown and Bigelow application, but it’s as good a place as any. And that’s where these next two are going to be filed, as well:

The longer one just has a different pattern on it, and I’m using it here more for scale.  What’s interesting is that I’ve never seen a ringtop model before.

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