Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Wish I Could Remember What I Did With This One

I was really glad when John Coleman sent me some pictures of this one:

The pencil has an unusually long gold-filled top section, imprinted with a typical Redipoint imprint:

The reason I was excited to see these pictures was that I was beginning to think I wouldn’t see another one again. See, I had one of these years ago, when I first started collecting pencils. At the time, since I was a beginner, I was collecting – gulp, I hate to admit it – pretty colors. The colors of this one weren’t as pretty as the ones I was fishing out of dollar junk boxes at the time, and after I had my Redipoint like this one for a little while, I decided it just didn’t fit in with the other things I had in my collection. I don’t remember what I did with it, whether I sold it, traded it or just gave it away.

What I do remember was that aside from the color not being as flamboyant as I normally preferred, this one had another feature that set it apart from the others in my collection. After I received John’s first round of pictures, I emailed him back to bet him a dollar that there was a cigarette lighter under that cap. A little bit later, John emailed his I.O.U. for a dollar:

But John’s pencil has yet one more feature:

a salesman’s sample imprint.  "Brown & Bigelow / St. Paul, Minn. / Style No. 61972."

When I parted ways with the example I had, I ditched it since I didn’t like the marbled green color on a Redipoint and didn’t think much of the built-in lighter. An imprint like the one on John’s would have been a real turnoff. Today, all these factors would have me doing more than I’d do for a Klondike bar to get my hands on one. Funny how a few years and a few thousand pencils changes your perspective!

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