Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Does 26 Round Up To 94?

Recently I posted an article here about some interesting Waterman checking pencils that George Rimakis and Joe Nemecek shared with me at the Raliegh pen show:

I’d commented on the fact that Joe’s later example sports a later teardrop-shaped Waterman 94 clip, but I stopped short of suggesting that these pencils were part of the Waterman 94 line. Good thing, too, because I would have been 68 off.

I’m going to try something new the next time I’m researching a specific answer like "what were these bad boys called?" Instead of trying to find the answer to that question, I’m going to go out looking for something else – anything else – because it seems that most of the time whenever I find the answer to a thorny question it’s when I’m looking for something else. As I trolled through old posts on Fountain Pen Network, looking for a post from years ago that I was sure was buried there, I found this:

The post was by Greg McKinney, started back in March, 2011. Since Greg’s post included this article, but didn’t include the date, I went back to the Pen Collector’s of America’s online library and found that the article appeared in the summer, 1926 issue of "Pen Prophet," Waterman’s in-house magazine.

So we now have a name – the Waterman 26 – and we know they were introduced in mid-1926. What I still don’t know is where they were made available. This issue of Pen Prophet is the UK edition, and it was not only printed and distributed there, it’s written in the King’s English – elsewhere in the publication I found "color" spelled "colour."

George, Joe and I had mused about this when we were photographing these interesting pencils – George made a point to show me that at least some are marked "Made in USA":

But whether they sold here, or were they made exclusively for marketing (or test marketing) in Europe, is a question that would best be answered by an American edition of the summer 1926 Pen Prophet, or a late 1926 or 1927 general catalog from Waterman listing the pencils.  Neither is found in the PCA library.

Anyone got one of those?

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David Nishimura said...

I'd venture to say most of these were USA-made -- maybe even all. I've been collecting Waterman checking pencils for quite some time, and I'm not sure I have a single UK or Canadian example.