Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Thought Wrong

When I finally found a second example of a Parker Vacumatic desk pencil on Terry Sell’s table at the 2012 Ohio Show, after the better part of a decade keeping my eyes peeled for one, I was beginning to notice a pattern. Of course, finding only two of these, years apart, didn’t make for much of a "pattern," but I was beginning to think a couple things. I thought that all these Vacumatic desk pencils were about thesame size:

I thought all Vac desk pencils had imprints just like the regular pencils, complete with date codes, and I thought that they all had a narrow bulged center band:

But then Rob Bader listed another example online, and I learned that I thought wrong about the size:

I thought wrong about the center bands,

and I even thought wrong about the imprints:

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