Monday, January 2, 2012

The Sheffield

Since most people probably have the day off for New Year's Day, I thought I'd relax a bit and introduce another "no-name" that I recently ran across:

This is a middle-joint, nose drive pencil, similar to scores of others listed in The Catalogue

Although the name imprinted on the clip is shared with the famous manufacturer of knives and cutlery, I doubt there is any connection at all.  Much more likely, as was the case with so many of these (remember Starr's "Winchester"?) is that some anonymous manufacturer "borrowed" a successful trade name in an attempt to give an otherwise ordinary pencil a touch of class.

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Flowteqf said...

I have a small ring top mechanical pencil with the same pattern, and imprinted just above the gold center ring is Sheffield, made in USA and a patent number--any ideas?