Monday, February 5, 2018

Wahl's Other Precious Metal Redux

A few months ago I published an article here about an Eversharp pencil made from copper, with an advertising imprint for the Central Copper Company (see “Wahl’s Other Precious Metal” at

Pearce Jarvis had another interesting Wahl Eversharp at the DC show.  We weren’t sure what to make of it; it appeared to be just bare brass with a simple “Wahl Eversharp Made In USA” imprint, lacking any of the usual metal content information that would normally be included.  When I got it home, I polished it up a bit to see what was going on, and there it is:

It’s another copper Eversharp.  With no custom imprint, but the same “Wahl Eversharp / Made In USA” stamped at the top:

But there’s something about this one that’s even more interesting than that.

In 1924, the Eversharp was redesigned with three changes: the tip was made longer, the lead magazine was redesigned, and a rib was added to the clip for greater stability.

The division between pre-1924 and post-1924 is very clean: one hundred percent of the time, all three of these 1924 improvements are either all present, denoting post-1924 production, or all of these features are absent, indicating pre-1924.

One hundred percent of the time.

Until now.

This copper Eversharp has a short tip and the old-style magazine, indicating pre-1924 production:

and . . . a ribbed clip, denoting post-1924 production.

Of course, the more curmudgeonly amongst us might say the clip might have been changed out.

But not in copper.

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