Friday, November 2, 2012

OK, Maybe I Had The Second Prettiest Wasp . . . Or The Third

I’ll never learn not to put "est" on the back of a word. When I found a lovely rust and teal example of a WASP pencil (that’s the Sheaffer brand - WASP stands for W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company), I’d proudly announced over at Fountain Pen Network that I’d found the prettiest WASP.

As I was cruising around the online auction sites a while back, I saw a picture of another one, but I just wasn’t sure what the true color of it was. I figured what the heck- at worst its another example in the same color, and I love that color. But at best:

This really was bright red and bright blue! It really does look nice next to my "prettiest WASP," which is now tied for the lead:

Or is it? A few weeks ago Matt McColm emails me about another WASP he thought I might like – and he thought right. It took me about five seconds to click buy it now and bring this one home:

This is another WASP, in the same form as those in snakeskin and "howling souls" patterns, but this time it’s rendered in Sheaffer’s classy ebonized pearl:

So I’m not going to say "prettiest" anymore. They are all just damned pretty!


Dennis said...

Your right man, those are some fine looking pieces!


Sheafferer said...

Damned pretty is way right for me, Jon.
Nicholas 'Sheafferer'

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Sheafferer said...

sorry, my signature didn't work here, hopefully now it does:

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